Video: Man defends beggar accused of being a ritualist after he allegedly made someone’s penis disappear in Lagos

Few days ago, a crippled beggar in Ikeja was interrogated by people after he was accused of making the penis of a man, who gave him alm, disappear. No further detail was shared on whether the case was resolved and if he confessed to being guilty as accused.


One Kola Onifoto on Facebook, in defense of the accused who claims to have details about his history. According to him;

September 15th like every other day, he went to his normal spot at Ikeja along rail way tracks to beg..

He is a beggar, he was born with his intestines out, he lives around ahmadiya and is well known in the area..

The parents died trying to fix his intestines back and he is left with just a sister who tries her best to take care of him..

On that fateful day, a young man claimed his manhood disappeared after giving him money, in a twinkle of an eye, mob gathered and he was nearly lynched to death before the police came to the rescue..

They’ve made videos of this man, tarnished his image and little pride, they tagged him a ritualist and all sort of names..

He is not a ritualist and won’t hurt anyone..
I want this to go viral, I will be meeting him on Sunday by his grace to interview him and clear his name..

And the paranoid fool had his Dick back apparently, sadly none of the lynchers recorded when the so called dick disappeared..

Just so before you hit anyone on the streets tagged any name, ask questions..

Nobody holy pass o

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