#WakeUpNigeria: Yummy cabbage sauce & crepes

The delicious cabbage sauce which can be prepared in just 5 minutes was executed for #Breakfast on TVC’s entertainment show, #WakeUpNigeria. Cabbage which is considered to be one of the best source of vitamin C, is healthy to start your day.

The following ingredients can be used to prepare, Cabbage Sauce & Crepes:

  • Flour
  • Egg
  •  Cabbage
  •  Smoked fish
  •  Milk
  •  Tomato
  •  Onions
  •  Habanero
  •  Vegetable oil.

To make the Cabbage sauce:

  • Start by cooking your cabbage for 2mins on fire to remove the dirt.
  • Pour little vegetable oil in a pan, place on medium heat.
  • Pour the chopped tomatoes, onion and habanero.
  • Add the curry, thyme and little salt. Let it cook down for 10-15 minutes.
  • Add the cabbage and smoked fish. Let it cook for some minutes.
  • It is done and ready to be filled into the crepes.

To make the crepes: A crêpe or crepe is a type of very thin pastry, usually made from wheat flour or buckwheat flour.

  • Pour the flour into a bowl.
  • Pour the milk and mix. The crepes has to be soft and simple.
  • Break the egg or eggs into it.
  • Add more milk if needed and mix well till you get the best consistency.
  • To fry, put very little oil in a pan,
  • Fry the batter,spoon by spoon, into flats.
  • When they are all ready, fill in the cabbage sauce and its ready to be consumed.

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