Facebook knows when your relationship is about to crash – David Olumuyiwa

Read this and you will realise that no one trails you better than google. You need to know ‘how much the internet knows about you’.
Tech analyst, David Olumuyiwa Dada exposed to us on TVC’s entertainment show, #WakeUpNigeria, while speaking on “Managing online security”, David revealed different points and number four is really surprising.

Firstly, Google knows what you search for and the videos you watch. This is easy to realise when you check your search history.


Secondly, Facebook knows when your relationship is about to crash. Facebook easily realizes this through your posts, likes, blocks and all. This is easy to relate with anyways.


Also, Your phone knows how fast you are going when travelling irrespective of whether your location is on or not.

In addition, the scary one is that google knows and logs everywhere you have been to physically for you who has a google account. You can verify by logging to @myactivity.goggle.com and see the map of everywhere you have been to. Luckily enough, you can delete the activities and locations you don’t want open.


The internet also knows where you live. Your applications have access to your personal data, your bank, what you buy and when. Don’t be suprised that the e-commerce site you buy from knows the brand you prefer.


Don’t be disturbed for there is a way to get your details off goggle/internet. The Swedish website, @Deseat.me uses goggle to help delete them all.


The irony remains that there is no secret anymore,all is now exposed” .

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