If your child is inactive, you have to cut out whitish and starchy food – Ijeoma Ugwu

The health and importance of balanced diet for children cannot be over emphasized.Parents need to be extra careful and conscious of their children’s feeding. To give more insights on this on #WakeUpNigeria was Mrs Ijeoma Ugwu who is a nutritionist.

She began by likening children to planting a tree which needs a lot of things to grow. She explained further that good nutrients are good for early prevention of diseases because it is better to start the prevention early and not wait till they are adults.

She went on to expose that children don’t need dieting because they need all the classes of food in good proportion like proteins, minerals, carbohydrates and so on to grow.

She then exposed that a lot of children are obese because they take these nutrients but are inactive as their parents don’t pay attention to their activity life. She then advised on some things to do.

“There has been inactivity in children which leads to obesity. If your child is inactive then you have to cut out whitish and starchy food like yam, noodles. Cut down calories and watch the kind of fats they take because there are bad ones like smoked fish, fried food etc, but give good ones like from fresh fish. Also, most oils have been refined which are not good for the children. However, your children have to be active, let them do activities, sports that you can manage.”

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