Nigerians and tourism with Otunba Olumoko on #WakeUpNigeria

The importance of tourism in Nigeria cannot be left out but needs to be considered by the government.

It’s the world tourism day and #WakeUpNigeria, a TVC morning programme had Otunba Ayo Olumoko, SouthWest VP,Federation of Tourism Association,Nigeria on the show.

Otunba Ayo laid more emphasis on the role of the government in making tourism relevant as the statistics of tourism activities in Nigeria is very low just as it is 5% in Africa.

He noted that what Nigeria has is just ‘private tourism oriented driven kind of economy’. He added that tourism is something that needs to be done on gradual basis with the intention that within the next 10-15 years, we will get the benefit of it.

Stressing the duties of the government, here are his words:

“Most tourist sites are managed by locals, it is necessary for the government to put more emphasis on the development aspect and structures within the tourist sites. The government has to have a very good focus in ensuring that they put more money to developing their sites and all other actives that has to do with tourism. The major problem is the fact that there is no statistics of tourism coming from Nigeria; the government do not understand. The government should give an enabling environment, develop what we have on ground and ensure that all the tourist sites start generating activities where a lot of people can engage”

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