Video: Healthy ‘Gizdodo wrap’ from #WakeUpNigeria kitchen

Gizdodo, also known as gizzard and dodo, is a stir-fry of gizzards and fried plantain that is ever-popular at most Nigerian parties.Chef Miyonse and Emem took us through making a shift of gizdodo which was named ‘Gizdodo Wrap” on #WakeUpNigeria.

This can be achieved by using ingredients like: Gizzard, Plantain, Tomatoes, Onions, Bell pepper, Cabbage, Carrot, Mayonnaise, Habanero, Seasoning cubes, Curry and thyme.

Follow procedure;

  • Cook your gizzard with seasoning cubes and water
  • Cut the plantain to desired size and fry
  • Cook down your tomatoes, pepper and onions while you add seasoning cube, curry , thyme and some gizzard stock.
  • Put the chopped gizzard,plantain and bell pepper in the sauce.
  • Mix the carrots and cabbage with mayonnaise
  • Fill the gizdodo sauce, the carrot & cabbage mix in the tortilla (flat bread used for making shawarma) then wrap it.
  • Put it on the heat for few seconds
  • You can now serve your shawarma looking gizdodo.


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