#WakeUpNigeria: The secret to making ‘golden coconut rice & vegetable chicken curry’

When your coconut rice is golden, it definitely had a twist in the making process. Adding coconut milk, chicken breast and the secret ingredient that makes your rice golden, is shown in the recipe below.

On #WakeUpNigeria this morning, Chef Miyonse prepared “Golden Coconut Rice and Vegetable Chicken Curry”. You definitely want to see how this was made and the ingredients used.
Here are the ingredients:
– Parboiled rice
– Coconut milk
– Tumeric
– Chicken breast
– Onions
– Ginger
– Curry
– Rice
– Bell pepper
– Habanero
– Garlic
– Carrots
– Parsely
– Corn flour
The procedure;
To make the rice,
– Pour the coconut milk in a pot on fire.
– Now add the tumeric powder to give the golden effect.
– Add the rice
– Add the seasoning cubes and salt
– When the rice is a bit soft, add onions, bell pepper and habanero.
– Leave to cook well
To make the vegetable chicken curry
– Put little vegetable oil in the pot
– Build the aromatics by cooking the onions and garlic first.
– Put the slices chicken breast
– Add the slurry which is a combination of corn flour and water mixed together.
– Add the bell pepper , black pepper seasoning cube and curry.
– Let it cook amd thicken.
– Add the vegetables.
– Serve as pleased along side the rice.
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