I’m very active in the other room – Veteran actress, Sola Onayiga (Watch video)

Veteran actress, Sola Onayiga was a celebrity guest on #YourViewTVC today to discuss her journey as an actress and how she has balanced both acting and her house duties. Sola has featured in a lot of films and TV series like ‘Fuji House Of Commotion’ popularly known for her role as Ireti.

She explained that she started as a youth with stage acting before she went to school as she also added that acting is not a small job.

“To be an actress no be small job o! I started from the stage before going to school. When you don’t have the knowledge of what you are doing a times, you will go the wrong way. Some learn on the job and some attend school before but you have to be trained.”

She also added that being a stage actor makes it easy to be a screen actor.

“When you are a stage actor, you can do well anywhere because you are the master of all; you can memorize your lines , read and understand fast. Stage play does not give the chance to redo what you have done like screen acting, you go live immediately.”

She mentioned that her latest engagement is joining her husband in running a ‘Creative Arts Academy” for interested up-coming actors to get better along side being a pastor’s wife.

When asked if she’s very active in the other room, she replied; “For sure! You don’t need to hide that. you have to do your duty at home. That’s the reason why I’m enjoying the work i’m doing. If I don’t attend to daddy, there would be problem.”

Watch video below:

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