Healthy food recipe from #WakeUpNigeria kitchen

The last week of September was a great week on #WakeUpNigera with the breakfasts as one of the the constituting elements of the excitements.

The breakfasts with Miyonse and Tolu were kept simple, creative, delicious and good looking.
On Monday, we had ‘Cabbage Sauce and Crepes’ made by Chef Miyonse. Cabbage is considered to be one of the best sources of vitamin C, which is healthy enough to give you a beautiful start of the day. Check here  to see how it is made.
On Tuesday, we were taught how to give our children home made “Melting Moment Cookies” which could be preserved for months in a container or jar. Click here to check how to give your children a great snack.
Gizdodo, also known as gizzard and dodo was the breakfast for Wednesday. Trust me, the making process was an interesting one. The ingredients used are: Gizzard, Plantain, Tomatoes, Onions, Bell pepper, Cabbage, Carrot, Mayonnaise, Habanero, Seasoning cubes, Curry and thyme. Go further and see the procedure to follow.
On Thursday, Chef Tolu went creative, making the ‘Cinnamon roll’ for breakfast. Click to see how it was made
And today we had the Nigerian ‘golden coconut rice and vegetable chicken curry’. When your coconut rice is golden, it definitely had a twist in the making process. You possibly want to see the healthy ingredients that made the rice golden. (Click to see)
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