I was nervous while performing at the white house – Opera singer, Abiodun Koya

Popularly known for her Opera singing and songwriting, Nigerian born classical/opera singer Abiodun Koya was live on WakeUpNigeria to share with us her experience so far in Opera singing.

Abiodun Koya, also called the Presidents’ singer, made it known that she has performed for two different American Presidents.

“I was invited at the white house to perform for George H.W. Bush, and then for Barack Obama, it was for the black history month event the United states do hold every February to celebrate the culture of the African Americans”.

She went further to explain how she felt the first time she met the first African American President in person of ‘Barrack Obama’.

“Meeting him didn’t feel real at first, for a moment i thought i was dreaming because i didn’t believe it was happening, it was really an honor meeting him”.

Sharing with us what she remembered most about her performances, especially the ones held in the white house, she said it was her nervousness, she said she normally doesn’t get nervous but then she got nervous in the white house, she disclosed that she could remember her hands were cold and sweaty;

“I had to keep calm to give one of a kind performance because i knew it was a live changing opportunity for me, and I have to make the most of it”.

She concluded by making it known that a lot of people do find it difficult and hard most times to believe she’s an opera singer because she’s a Nigerian, but she made it known that being a Nigerian was part of what actually helped her;

“I always have a grateful heart because I am able to do everything I am doing because of God and because I’m a Nigerian. My Culture and upbringing as a Nigerian has helped me a lot”.

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  • October 3, 2017

    It is good and nice to show some one talent it is for real am getting it here for sure it obvious that nigeria muscian are bringing the industry higher more that i think it so amazing they are doing great……

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