My dad wanted me to study law, but I had to listen to myself – Sylvia Edem

Actress and movie producer, Sylvia Edem, who is a graduate of theatre art, discussed briefly about her career, and how she swiftly progressed from hawking garri and plantain on the street to becoming an actress.

She made it known that acting is not a thing you can force, but rather a talent that comes naturally. Talking about her role in a movie where she acted as a blind lady, she said the key to acting the role well was preparing herself and putting herself in the character;

“I’ve come across a lot of blind people where I come from and even on the street, I see blind people on the street and see the way they do, I just put myself in the character”.

She further disclosed more about herself by sharing her grass to grace transitioning story, the beautiful actress made it known that she hawked on the street of cross river state as a way of helping her mum and siblings;

“While growing up, I sometimes hawk garri and plantain on the street as a way of helping my mum and siblings”.

Who knows that the beautiful actress would have been a lawyer if not for destiny and true calling, she also explained why she chose being an actress over being a Lawyer;

“My dad has always wanted me to be a lawyer, but I have my own calling. I got my first admission to study law but i dropped out because i wanted theatre art, I just had to listen to myself”.

She concluded by advising the young actor and actress out there that a lot of patience and tolerance is all it takes to make it in the movie industry.

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