Men don’t want to be honoured, they need to be honoured – Stephen Omojuyigbe

Upholding mutual respect in marriages and relationships is very crucial, Mr Stephen Omojuyigbe a relationship coach, affirmed this on #WakeUpNigeria as he spoke at length on the topic this morning.

He started by saying “respect differs from culture to culture and from people to people but the most important thing is that you must place value on the person you are involved with.”
He went further to explain that to have a successful relationship with a woman, a man has to understand women generally and his woman specifically and vice versa.
He also emphasized that men can’t stand dishonour.
“Men thrive better when there is honour but their heart wither when there is dishonour and they change. Men don’t want honour, they need honour. For some men, little little things might be the most important to them, how you talk to them,your tone and all. It’s not about kneeling down, but him seeing the respect in you. This all boils down to you knowing your man and what he finds respectful or disrespectful.”
Addressing the solution to this hurts due to disrespect, he noted that it is more about what one has in his or her heart.
“Dealing with disrespect starts with you being secure in yourself, if you are secured in yourself, almost nothing can touch you. It’s not about what the person is doing but about what you have inside of you. If you have self respect enough in you, you won’t feel disrespected by anyone, you will deal with disrespect differently.Find respect and security within yourself, it’s not the name people call you but the name that you answer. When you want to approach him or her, don’t judge the person, judge the action and make excuses for the person, so the person can easily admit and adjust.”
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