Solutions to belly fat with Dr. Billy Usani

Belly fat has been a nightmare for a lot of persons especially the female folks. Dr Billy Usani was live on #WakeUpNigeria to shed light on what causes belly fat and how to avoid it.

He initially noted that belly fat does not have many causes but one major cause is the ‘lifestyle’ of the individual.

He buttressed his point by telling how life style affects human. He said

“Belly fat does not have many causes but one cause which is life style. Life style is everything you do from when you wake up in the morning to when you go back to bed at night continuously all your life.


Firstly, what do you eat or get into your body in terms of nutrition? You are what you eat.


Secondly, how do you move, what are physical activities do you do daily?


Thirdly, how much real sleep do you get? Sleep is nature’s main stress buster, poor sleep can lead to belly fat. These are things you consider when talking about belly fat.”


He went further to explain that pregnant women are not left out as it still boils down to lifestyle although the life style of a pregnant woman is altered by the pregnancy as per her consumption of food, exercise and sleep.


He did not leave out to say that it is easier for a man to burn belly fat than for a woman, because of the hormonal profile of a man which is more suited to burning fat unlike that of a woman.


He eventually gave advise of what could be done and how to eat. He noted that ‘mindful eating’ is necessary.


“Unlike what people say, you can do something about your belly fat. It’s still based on life style, you need to pay attention to what,how, and when you take your nutrients.


You have to take note of your eating, which is called ‘mindful eating’.


Move your calorie more to the morning when your body needs more energy and downshift to the evening when you do less and rest.


I would not recommend a big bowl of rice at night when you don’t have a football training the next day or so.Fish at night is not too good because it produces carbohydrates at that time and produces energy.


It’s safer to eat vegetables at night , grilled chicken, meat etc. It is also best to stop eating from 6pm because you are supposed to fast through the night, that’s why it’s called ‘breakfast’ in the morning.This way, the food can go through the normal process.

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