#WakeUpNigeria: Recipe for Nigeria ‘Egg Roll’

You can always have fun with what you have for breakfast and forget stereotype foods. Egg roll is a snack you can have for breakfast as Chef Tolu recommends on #WakeUpNigeria.

Egg roll is a healthy Nigerian snack similar to scotch egg but instead of sausage meat, flour dough is used to wrap the boiled egg.

The ingredients are short and simple, they are: Flour, sugar, salt, baking powder, nutmeg, beated egg, hard boiled eggs, milk, butter and cinnamon.

Here is the procedure to making egg rolls

  • Mix the dry ingredients in a bowl,till it becomes crumpy.
  • Make a well in the bowl with the dry ingredients and pour in the milk and the beated egg.
  • Mix well and if needed, add more milk,egg and flour till you get the necessary consistency.
  • After mixing, scoop out bit by bit, roll them out with a rolling pin.
  • Put an egg in the rolled out dough and cover it up into a circle with the dough. Dress it neatly and remove excesses.
  • Begin to deep fry while you check per time to avoid them getting burnt.
  • Serve as you wish.
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