Video: Some women don’t know that as a wife, you’re the official house help of the home – Nyma

The trend of men avoiding sophisticated and educated women while they go after naive innocent ladies was discussed on YourViewTVC under the topic ‘ladies abroad are proud, arrogant and too exposed-Nigerian men’.

Nyma Akashat Zibiri, one of the beautiful ladies expressed her opinion, she thinks that there is nothing wrong with a man going for a village girl as long as he can do the work.

She added that this process has been working for some people and is not necessarily a bad idea.

“People’s experiences define how they view life. A man who has been through it all, he might want to resort to the village, it’s not so much of a bad idea to catch them young. When you pick a poor girl,a girl from her back ground knowing that her expectations fall in line with what you want.Men who successfully marry from the village, know all she wants and her definition of success will be to give birth and take care of their children”

She also noted that most of the educated married women don’t know their responsibilities in the home which is one of the reasons men run away from them.

“I know I am the official house-help in my home, I know my responsibilities and my husband knows his too. Most women don’t know their responsibilities in the home. My order of priorities are getting married, giving birth and then my career.”

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