Video: Forget cooking & who is doing it! Is your wife helping you achieve your goal? – Jumoke

Jumoke Alawode on #YourViewTVC expressed her disapproval that educated, sophisticated and exposed women are not good enough for marriage.

Analysing the hot topic, ‘Ladies abroad are proud , arrogant and too exposed-Nigerian men’, Jumoke began by sheding light on what led to the hot top discussion, stressing that the woman from the village will end up knowing her rights and treat the man badly.

She added that although some ladies’ definition of happiness is having a man to take care of them and give birth, the man is doing himself a disservice for leaving an educated woman for a naive one.

“These men are doing themselves a disservice because these ladies have potentials. How can he throw away all the potentials God put in a woman because he doesn’t want her to argue with him. She is educated, she has some knowledge and wisdom which is why she questions you but an uneducated woman does not know the difference.”

She advised that men should consider what’s important to him before his decision to pick a wife.

“What are your goals and who will help you achieve them? Are we helping each-other? A woman is an help mate, does she support, multitask, and tries in doing as much as she can? You can hire someone for house keeping while you guys enjoy yourselves in the other room. She might be busy but she tries to do what she can.”

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