How parents can effectively bond with their children – Parenting coach, Izefua

Many parents confuse the idea of bonding with their children and just staying at home. On #WakeUpNigeria this morning, Izefua drew the line, explaining how parents can bond perfectly with their children.

According to her recommendations, she noted that the most important thing about bonding with children is what they (the parents) do with their children, and how they connects with them.
She also point out that as human beings there are some pertinent needs such as belonging,significance,hug etc.
“Every human beings have two basic needs which are belonging and significance. These needs can be met when there is connection and intimacy. Also,scientists have proved that human beings need at least 8 hugs per day”
She further explain the things to consider while trying to bond with your children.
“The first thing is for you to understand why you need to do it, know why you want to do it. Secondly, see the time you give them as what they deserve, as a gift or investment on the child. What makes children thrive is not the genes but the environment. The environment is not the location but the adults in a child’s life. Even when you want to correct, you connect before you correct,it makes the child trust you enough”.
She eventually gave tips to help bond as she emphasized that little gestures mean a lot. Gestures like hug at necessary times, bed time stories, going out with them ,praying with them,talking with them and so on.
She mentioned that the sentence that put all these together is :
“Be present when you are present”
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