Causes and solution of mouth odour – Dr. Sanmi Apara

Mouth odour seem to be an unavoidable factor in our daily interaction with people, Dr. Sanmi Apara on #WakeUpNigeria affirms it as embarrassing while speaking with Titi Oyebola Adelagun Oyinsan.

He initially noted that there are both internal and external factors that cause mouth odour. The internal factors are: personal hygiene i.e brushing of teeth, rinsing of mouth, closing of mouth for a long while which is sometimes unavoidable especially when we sleep. For the external, they are: the food we take like ginger, garlic, beans, onions etc; smoking and other things that goes through our mouth which is capable of causing mouth odour.

He also mentioned the place of holes in the mouth.

“Having a hole in your tooth allows food to store in your mouth and after a while, it leads to mouth odour. To avoid this, rinse your mouth after any meal”


He gave tips on how to avoid mouth odour. He advised that everyone should visit a dentist every six months; rinsing of the mouth after every meal; and learning to brush twice daily especially after breakfast and after dinner. He then added that you can help people with mouth odour by stylishly telling them to visit a dentist.

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