‘Children should start doing house chores when they are 2 years old’ – Yetty William

There has always been questions on how working parents spend enough time with their children. The Founder of Lagos Mums,Yetty Williams shed more light, today on #YourViewTVC with the ladies.

According to her the most important thing a mother can do is sacrifice which means sacrificing your time for children in order to have a quality time with them.

she affirmed that there can be a balance between work and life.

“Our children want the same things we wanted as children which is ‘quality time’. If you can spend solid 20 minutes with your child a day, without being distracted, that will be very good.” She added that children should be made to do chores from the age of 2. “A 2 years old should be able to arrange his/her toys.


She further explained that communication is important in nurturing a child by the mother.

“You need to communicate with them to know what they want and also make them know what they need to know about your actions to them a times.”

To counter the belief that taking your child abroad,washing clothes with washing machine,taking them to school in your car is spoiling them. She noted that; “Doing all that doesn’t spoil the child, but parents should pay attention to how they go about it.”

She did not leave out the issue of children trying to dictate and wanting luxuries. She explained that parents should show them life and balance things so they don’t over react when things get tough or when there are some financial hard times.

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