World Sight Day: 19 million children globally suffer from vision impairment

It’s the world sight day and a group of eye health advocates have thought it wise to choose today to educate parents on how to improve their children’s eye health so they could achieve their potentials.

Eye health advocate, Dr Nonso Aguboshim and Dr John Samssedi joined Titi Oyinsan on #WakeUpNigeria to enlighten us on the issues surrounding eye health.

They mentioned that the theme of the program is ‘universal eye health’ with the call to action which is to ‘make vision count’.

They emphasized that parents make mistakes thinking that their children are too young to get ear health or glasses, and that that their eyes are open means that they can see.

” These assumptions are not correct, 19 million children globally are eye impaired. Their vision ability slows down what they can achieve and their potential fulfillment.”

They added that children should get basic assessments from when they are born.

” The key is starting on time. We are reaching out to tell parents what to do to help their children fulfill purpose. When the child is born, there should be a basic assessments and it should continue as they grow. Parents should make their children have access to eye health and not wait for a later date.”

This particular program is for children from ages 6-14 as noted by the representatives.

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