Why can’t you give your husband a million naira and ask if he needs more? – Tope Odigie

It’s almost common in Africa that women are meant to be housewives and at the same time, be a working class lady to support her husband financially.

Recently, a pastor’s wife Rev Mrs Funke Adejumo in a viral video, said if you are a woman & you depend totally on your husband for financial need, you’re a disgrace. (Watch here)

Reacting to her claim, the elegant ladies of #YourViewTVC in their discussion had diverse opinions about the ‘HOT’ topic.

Ngozi Alaegbu who co-hosted the show with Jumoke, Tope & Esther, based her own opinion on the fact that “The woman helps the man whether she’s a full time housewife or a working class lady. The success of every woman should be defined by herself, if all she want is to be a good wife and cook then she should be, she believes the way every family turns out actually depends on the woman, and it’s not an easy job for a woman to handle all the house chores responsibility alone. She concluded by adding that “any woman who subjected herself to being a total housewife should be called a ‘Home Engineer’.” She howeversaid calling housewives collosal failure, is a harsh word to use.

Esther Egharevba was totally against Rev. Adejumo’s claim, she believes it is a very bad thinking for anyone to think taking care of a home is being lazy. she said;

“If a woman decides to add working to taking care of her home, it’s only a plus’. She based this on the fact that nobody blames a man when a child goes wrong, the blame goes to the woman.

In total support of the topic, Tope Mark Odigie, said;

“I want to be the richest woman in the world, but I wouldn’t fail as a mother while desiring that. Don’t get comfortable as an housewife! Why can’t you borrow your husband one million naira and ask do you want an extra one million? Just to be sure he has enough cash flow. That’s a complete stronger woman, not based on money, but the capacity to fully maximize every potential she has. No woman should be comfortable as being an ordinary housewife, as a lot of dreams can be achieved without failing as a wife and mother. A woman is more than a cook and baby-making machine, Being a wife alone is not what makes a good woman but the ability to fully maximize every potential she has.”



Jumoke disagreed by saying; “A woman should not be tagged or called colossal failure because she decides on taking care of her home and not making money like her husband because the husband cannot be tagged colossal failure if he’s only making money alone and not assisting his wife with house chores.”

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