Managing stress: Ehi Iden reveals the causes & solution on #WakeUpNigeria

“Since in the 70s leisure time has reduced, people work more and have no time for things that excite them.” Wellness coach, Ehi Iden revealed on WakeUpNigeria, the causes and how to manage stress.

Speaking with Titi Oyinsan this morning, Ehi Iden explained that Nigerians especially no longer have time to rest and have turned their bedrooms to an extension of work with their gadgets with them.

Although, according to him, stress is inevitable but when it lingers for long, it becomes bad.

He mentioned also that signs of stress are: showing no interest in things that normally should interest you, depression, pimples or rough face for ladies etc.

Giving tips on what to do to reduce stress he said

“We need to get enough sleep at least 6-8hours daily. We also need to maintain sleep hygiene. This means that there should be less work at home after the office, because it alters the hygiene, including lights etc. It is also advisable to stop caffeinated drinks, food with excess cholesterol should also be avoided because it leads to excess fat, stress and finally depression.”


After the show, Ehi Iden highlighted some causes and signs of stress and how to tackle them. See tweets below:


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