Personal and business schedule are key factors to achieving your goals – Kayode Fahm

The world is evolving and fast growing, so do humans need to evolve and grow. Life coach, Kayode Fahm in a chat with Yomi Owope this morning on #WakeUpNigeria, spoke on achieving goals and fulfill purpose.

He started by emphasizing that the world is becoming more competitive so one has to be on guard.

“The world is becoming more competitive because of technology and all. You have to focus, you have to understand what your goals are and focus.”

He then added that goals are about long and short term goals. Explaining what they mean, he emphasized that

“You set big goals and drill them down to yearly, monthly, weekly and even daily goals. What you do everyday determines if you will achieve your goal, drill it to a definite plan. ‘The question is what do we do everyday’?. We talk the talk but what do we do about it.”

Mr Kayode Fahm finally gave some tips to help one achieve goals in the midst of daily stress.

“Get up early and start planning your day. Goal setting starts from when you wake up, not just the business schedule, but the inclusion of personal schedule. Take time out where you can be on your own, shutting the world out and reflect or zone in on the necessary. Also get ready for opportunities and opportunities get realized only through practice. You have a craft that you have to practice. You have to be ready else, opportunities will go, this means everyday you will have to practice and refine the craft.”

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