Has the internet encouraged laziness?

The internet has gotten across almost every part of the world but the concern now is how it is being used,especially by children. This is a problem, and according to research, one in three children around the world now uses the internet.

This led to discussion between the Chief Strategic Officer,Educational Advancement center, Muyiwa Bamgbose and the ladies this morning on YourView.

He began by introducing internet as a new world which has brought about change in almost everything from banking, to communication, to medicine and other aspects of life.

He continued by revealing that kids all over the world are all about internet which is the main reason why parents should introduce their kids to the internet early before they get wrong information from other sources.

He then noted that parents should educate their kids properly on how to use the internet, they should tell the kids what and what not to do on the internet not forgetting to monitor them whenever they are surfing the internet.

Many believe that internet has actually encouraged laziness in terms of book reading. Contrary to this, Muyiwa Bamgbose explained that:

“Internet does not make you lazy,instead it gives you access to more. Hard work doesn’t make you succeed,smart work do.”

He did not leave out laying emphasis on when a child should be exposed to the internet.He said,

“As soon as the child begins to get attracted to the internet,he should have access to it. This is necessary because if he is deprived of the internet, he gets more curious.”

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