Is Nigeria a developing or an under-developed country?

President Buhari was in turkey few days ago to participate in the ninth summit of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation (D-8), and arguments have been raised on whether Nigeria is a Developed; Developing or Underdeveloped Country?  Members of D-8 are Bangladesh, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, Nigeria, Pakistan and Turkey. Now the question is; ‘is Nigeria even qualified to be called a developing country?’

This question was raised this morning on #YourViewTVC and a lawyer/public affairs analyst, Wale Oshunde joined the ladies on the let’s talk segment of the show.

Wale Oshunde proved his point that Nigeria is an underdeveloped country. He said;

“The truth is that we are not a developing country. Compared to the other seven countries we don’t have constant power supply. The other countries are way out of our reach , we are even supposed to be learning from them. We cannot say we developing when we are not exporting anything , we only scream of oil and gas. They know we have a large population, so they are mass producing things for us to buy.”

He further explained some of the problem of the country and some solutions

“Nigeria’s essential problem is bad leadership and mainly politics. We play politics with every aspects of our national life. We should build refineries, it doesn’t cost so much to build refineries. We need to stop the consuming economy and produce locally.”

He concluded on the note that Nigeria can actually get to the developing stage.

“We can get it right, but we need to be sincere,strategic,calculative and work with the right and good leaders in position.”

What’s your take? Is Nigeria a developing or an under-developed country?

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