#WakeUpNigeria kitchen: ‘Village rice and smoked chicken sauce’

In preparing ‘village rice and smoked chicken sauce’, locust beans is an important ingredient to spice up your breakfast recipe, giving you a unique and delicious taste.

Locust bean, commonly referred to as ‘iru’ by the yorubas,is a local seasoning or condiment used in soups and stews. The most valuable parts of the locust bean are high in lipid (29%), protein (35%), carbohydrate (16%), and is a good source of fat and calcium for rural dwellers.
On WakeUpNigeria this morning, Chef Miyonse tried his hand on this by making ‘village rice and smoked chicken sauce’ using locust beans,rice, blended pepper, tomatoes and onions,crayfish,palm oil,soy sauce, uziza leaves, garlic,seasoning cube,and cornflour.
The recipe is as follows:
To make the rice,
– Roughly blend the pepper,tomatoes and onions(not smoothly)
– Put palm oil on heat and let it get really hot.
– Add the locust beans.
– Add seasoning cube and salt.
– Add the blended sauce and little water.
– Put the rice and leave to cook.
– Add the uziza leaf or ugu or spinach.
To make the smoked chicken sauce,
– Put little oil in a pan on heat.
– Cook onions.
– Add vegetable (Carrot,green beans), let it cook a little.
– Add ginger and garlic for a good taste.
– Mix the soy sauce and add in the sauce.
– Add the chopped smoked chicken.
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