#WakeUpNigeria: Cultural architect, Ferdinand Ademefe speaks on ‘the art of fulfillment’

To every human being, fulfillment is one of the apex feelings we get that uplifts our spirits and reminds us of a lot of roads we have trod to get to where we are.

Personal development catalyst & cultural architect, Ferdinand Ademefe was on WakeUpNigeria show to shed light on what it means to be fulfilled.

He laid the foundation that fulfillment is an inside job and not necessarily dependent on your achievements. He said;

“Fulfillment is a personal thing, it means different things to different people. Fulfillment is an inside job. It’s a deep sense of satisfaction and inner peace, not the absence of ambition. It’s a contentment with what and who you are. It also has to do with your health all round both medical health, mind health, career health and the balancing of everything.”

He went on to explain the importance of passion in the life of humans and how it yields good fruits.

“Passion gives motivation , drive comes from the place of passion. Start from passion and creating value will follow. Passion helps you to go extra mile and even the mile after the extra, it helps you to do well. Derive how to make passion work for you, and translate to make money.


Passion at the centre of what you do eventually pays. If you want to live life in fulfillment, passion is what you do not just know. To discover passion, you need sometimes alone to reflect and think well about it. Also pursue adventure so at the end of the day, you have enough to pick from. In short, be self aware, be experienced and pursue adventure.”

Mr Ferdinard then advised that people should stop deriving identity from what they can achieve to who they are, their value and what they can’t lose.

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