“Get laid a week before each fight” – Larry Holmes advises Anthony Joshua

Larry Holmes, a two-time boxing world champion advised Nigerian-British boxing champion, Anthony Joshua to indulge in regular sex  to become a heavyweight champion.

Larry Holmes, who has made good records in his career that has spanned for two decades made this statement at the launch of the TAG Heuer Carrera Muhammad Ali Limited Edition timepiece, recently.

Here are his words.

“If I had to give him one piece of advice it would be this – get laid a week before each fight. You need to relax. It restores your energy and everything. You know they say you’re not allowed to do that when you’re fighting. I listened to that for a while but then found out it was all a lie and you’re missing the good stuff man. He’s a heavyweight, he’s got to get that sh** out of him. But he doesn’t want to do it everyday or nothing because that might drain him!” .

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