Envy comes from people with low self-esteem – Beecee Ugboh

It happens that sometimes when a person tries to stand his/her ground or shows an act of discipline, he/she is termed as the ‘enemy’. This takes us to the discussion of trying to please everybody. Is it possible to please everyone?

Deliberating on the HOT topic, ‘Being perceived as the enemy’, the ladies shared different views as regard their experience.

Beecee Ugboh who was a guest co-host on the show this morning, initially emphasized the fact that no one can please everybody no matter what.

“You cannot please everybody. When you working in an organization,the best thing is for you to do the right thing. Because as far as you are alive and you are breathing, people will hate you.But do the right thing at the right time and leave the haters alone.”


In the course of expatiating her point, she explained that you tend to have more enemies when you tell the truth always.


“People don’t like the truth.If you are blunt or speak the truth at all times, you will have more enemies. I worked in an organization for five years and i found out that i became the enemy to many ladies because of my bluntness.”

She later added that envy is not about who is envied but about the person envying.

“Envy comes from the heart. It comes from the low self esteem of the person envying you because,they don’t like your gut,courage and success so the became envious of you.”


Beecee in her own point of view, believe that one of the way envy and enmity can be conquered is love.


“One of the way to fight envy is love. I have tried it over time because while i was growing up, i use to feel vindictive. But later, i learnt from experience that you can actually fight hatred and envy with love.”

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