Tech review: How #5000 bracelet can save your life – David Olumuyiwa Dada

There is a saying that ‘health is wealth’, but a lot of people are too busy pursuing daily activities without keeping watch on their health. It’s interesting to know that handy tech items can help keep watch of your health.

David Olumuyiwa Dada on WakeUpNigeria introduced some wearables which are health state detectors and can save your live.

The first one he introduced was the ‘wristwatch’. Wrist watch is a small timepiece intended to be carried or worn by a person. Wrist watches have evolved and gone beyond telling time but has become a fashion item.


According to David, it has evolved to the stage of detecting health states. There are now wrist watches that can say more than time and go into telling temperature, heartbeat rate and the number of steps taken per day.

Medical experts have said that you have to take 10,000 steps per day so this helps you to track your steps.

Also, he mentioned that there are bracelets that can go beyond adornment into detecting these things and also monitor how many hours you sleep per day.


Eye-beat is a type of bracelet too that is very sensitive and detects when there is anything wrong with your heart. The interesting factor is that if you do not act on it’s detected issue, it alerts your doctor immediately telling him/her that there is an issue you are not acting on.


David added that there is another type of bracelet that is profitable for mothers. It is called ‘temertell’, a true-able wear that is worn for children from ages 5 and below. This bracelet has a sensor which detects when the child’s temperature is spiking, and alerts the mother or father. In this vein, it can easily detect malaria or tell when the child is close to having malaria.


Lastly, he mentioned ‘active protective smart belt’. This belt is a protector which is best for the old who are liable to fall and get wounded internally. This is a smart belt that pops out an airbag to protect the when there is a fall. This smart belt can be charged with USB and can last for a week unlike the mobile phone.


Amazingly, these gadgets are very affordable from 2k-5k which is better than getting expensive gadgets that would do less.

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