Plus size models are more confident & energetic – South African model, Lala Tshabalala

Plus size modeling is something people are finding hard to wrap their heads around, but it is for real and no longer a myth.

Lala Tshabalala is a South African plus size model, a curvy queen who has been inspiring a greater sense of style for curvy women all over Africa for a while now.
While speaking with Titi Oyinsan this morning on WakeUpNigeria, Lala who is in Lagos for the ‘Lagos design week’ emphasized that plus size women and models have more of everything i.e every part of the body.
She also added that unlike before, plus size models are more accepted now and are considered for runway modelling.
“Plus size modelling is becoming more acceptable everywhere now and it’s now included in runway modelling. It’s really coming up. Why plus size women and models are important is because we have more of everything. We have more boobs, more breast and so on. We are energetic and confident because we have more. For men who see us, I think they are beginning to be more open about what they really like. My male followers are more protective of me and reprove females who get at me and it feels good.”
Speaking about exposing extra skin as a model, she said.
“I wasn’t always a model, so I wasn’t okay at first with showing extra skin. But I told my self that as a model, I have to do what I need to do. This is a career for me.”
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