Premarital sex comes with a lot of issues – Jumoke Alawode

If all girls will help the universe & close their legs till their wedding day, no man would take them for granted. Jumoke Alawode shared her thoughts on the controversial topic – ‘non- virgin brides wearing white dresses for their wedding’. 

Earlier this week, media expert to ex- President Johnathan, Reno Omokri said; ‘A non- virgin bride shouldn’t wear a white dress on her wedding, rather she should wear a red dress. Stating that wedding night should be the first time a woman sees her husband’s room.’

Jumoke Alawode expressed her mind on the ‘HOT’ topic discussion with the ladies of #YourViewTVC.

She initially emphasized that Neo-colonialism brought such traditions which has sidelined our culture and traditions as Nigerians.

“Neo-colonialism brought all this when we were colonized. We have in the bit to copy, forgotten our culture. We have a custom and tradition of wearing white for weddings because of the colonial master.

I used to hear as I grew up that when someone wears any other colour outside white, then the person is no longer a virgin. But these days, to see a virgin, it’s one in a million. People now even help themselves with other ways to have sex and remain virgins.

Everyone, virgin or not now wear white so there is no difference. What eventually tells is the white apparel of blood that is shown to the family after the wedding.”

She went further to talk about the issue of premarital sex and morals. She said,

“People should learn to hold them selves because premarital sex comes with a lot issues like lack of trust in marriage and so on.


Those who speak against it try to preach fear and mention STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections) and STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases), but fear no longer works, morals does.


I had been introduced to morals as a child from church, our morals are from our religious backgrounds. I believe that women are the cause of infidelity and high rate of sex. This is because, if all the girls decide to help the universe and close their legs to keep their chastity cloth, then the men would have no choice too.”

Finally she agreed that both old and young especially are sexually active and the media plays a major role.

“Everyone especially the children are sexually active. The media plays more role in this because it is open to a lot of people both young and old.


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    October 28, 2017

    Great programes but the time of the event i was in my office

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