I started shoe making due to long university strike – Nigerian female cobbler, Idongesit Umoh

Starting a business in the shoe-making industry is one of the most profitable thing an entrepreneur can do, given the right skill and good business sense. This makes the business a very lucrative one. Interestingly,men are no longer the only people in the business. Women too are now doing well in shoe making business.

This morning on WakeUpNigeria,Nigerian entrepreneur who is a Female cobbler, Idongesit Umoh shares how well she has been doing on the business.

She initially shared what prompted into shoe making.
“I stumbled on foot wear making in 2005. Then i was in my second year in the university and we had a long strike. Someone gave my mum a slippers and looked at it and say to  should to myself,’I can make this’. So i went to the market and get the materials. I was only able ton make the upper part of the slippers.A shoe someone made for me scattered in no time,so i decided to go into shoe making myself.  I learnt shoe making for just a month.”
She also made it known that it is possible to make 30 foot wears per day if you have already have the pattern.
“Once I have my patterns and designs ready, I make as many as 30 pair of shoes per day.”
She added that entrepreneurs should go to school to learn business principles.
“Just as we go to school to learn how to become doctors, lawyers, we should also go to school to learn how to become proper business people. I learnt how to apply basic business principle into my business from EDC enterprise. I understand that i am not doing shoe to make money for myself alone. I should pay myself salary,i should budget transportation and other indirect costs. So I have been able to make profit that is enough even to give to charity.”
She then concluded that people should always push ahead till they achieve it.
“In business we need to be hard working and doing what we do, till the phase is over.”
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