If you catch cancer early, it can be cured – Breast cancer surgeon, Dr. Emeka Nwose

According to research by the World Health Organisation, Nigeria has the highest cancer death rate in Africa. Even with the high rate of cancer in Nigeria with diagnoses, cure is still very poor due to late detection.

The co-founder of Bricon Foundation, Abigail Simon-Hart and a breast surgeon,Dr. Emeka Nwose joined the ladies this morning to shed more light on the importance breast cancer examination.

She began by sharing how she discovered she had cancer and how she overcame it.

“My mother had cancer 4 times and died after she had cancer the fifth time. Six month after, i was diagnosed with cancer myself, I began to go for mammogram every year because we thought it was a family history. Then i began to have a gut fear and i went for the test in UK. It is very important you listen to your gut and instinct. So i was told by the doctor that i have breast cancer.”

Dr Emeka then emphasized that it is very important to do self breast check especially after the monthly period.

“We advice that you should have your self checked, because if you catch it early,it can be cured. Examining the breast is important and it should be done a week after the monthly period.It is advisable that big breasts should be examined while lying down. Then you examine your left breast with your right hand and vice-versa.Examine segment by segment.”

He noted that breast cancer get worst in pregnancy.

Abigail Simon further explained that people lack the education and seek for help late.

“It’s about education and being aware, people seek help late.The reason why they seek help late is because they will first try holy water and holy prophets and then come to the hospital when all that fails.God heals but you need doctors to do it.”

Dr.Emeka added that mammogram is important in detection of breast cancer and it should be done by adults above 40 years.

“Mammogram pick up lumps that you can’t touch and it also depend on the person interpreting it. it is suppose to be done yearly. It should be done by those above 40 years. Because if you do mammogram, the result will be accurate. Then after the diagnose, you will get treated. It can be started early by those who have cancer history in their family maybe at the age of 35. If you catch cancer early, it can be cured.”

Finally Mrs Abigail Simon indulged everyone to always remember that cancer is real.

“Don’t forget that cancer is real and early detection help to cure cancer.”

After the conversation, the ladies of #YourViewTVC took pictures with their guests.

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