Chocolate city artiste Nosa, has this to say about making money with music in church

Chocolate city artist, Nosa Omoregie speaking with Mike Mesikenor on #WakeUpNigeria weighed in on the issues of making money with music on the show.

“I don’t see the church as a place where we should make money, rather a place where you give back to God. It’s like a medical doctor who attends a church and a medical doctor outside church, the one in church has to render free medical service at times because he is giving back to church.


Churches should encourage outside church programs and member participation in them like concerts where they could pay some money to enter. That’s the way it should be but right now, all gospel programs are centered around the church, by the church and in the church.”

Talking about gospel artiste singing with circular artistes, using his collaboration with M.I as an instance, he said,

“The truth is, we collaborate with one another everyday. Your co-worker/customer might be a Muslim or an atheist. For Tasha Cobb, the issue was that she wanted to sing an holy song but did it with someone who would strip naked in her next song. For me , my take is that, even if she has gone wrong, you don’t have to whip her like that”

Watch video below:

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