#WakeUpNigeria: 5 Health breakfast recipes you can try this weekend

Our chefs are back with what they know how to do best. This week on #WakeUpNigeria, chef Miyonsea & chef Tolu treated us to a combination of creativity and satisfaction.

Chef miyonsea launched us into the week with his yummy, spicy and delicious ‘cabbage stir fry’ made with noodles, green beans, chicken franks, soy sauce, onions, garlic, sesame seed & cabbage (main ingredient) {click here for more}

Tuesday was not left out as chef Tolu showed us ways to prepare ‘buns and pepper sauce’… {see more}

‘Chicken escalopes & cucumber tomatoes salad’ the name alone would get your taste buds active and make you yearn for it. courtesy of chef miyonsea. {See recipe}

Oat meal is very beneficial to the health as it lowers the risk of heart disease and reduces the level of blood cholesterol. Chef tolu made ‘oatmeal banana cookies’ on thursday. {Click to see recipe}

We rounded up the week with chef miyonsea’s Nigerian omelette redefined’ made from eggs,smoked fish, suya,plantain,pepper,suya spice,green pepper,onions,salt,black pepper and sausages see cooking process…{Watch video}

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