South African pastor, Penuel Mnguni feeds members with poisonous flower

Controversial South African pastor, Penuel Mnguni of the End Times Disciples Ministries feeds his members with poisonous flowers.

In a post on the church’s official Facebook account, The posts reads;

“You shall drink poison and it will not harm you”

As the man of God demonstrated this mystery of the cockroach turning into cheese and spice, Apostle Tompane Eans from Limpopo came forward saying he also wants to eat. The man of God then took a poisonous flower and prayed upon it and gave it to Apostle Tompane to eat. As Apostle Tompane ate, he said it tastes like no ordinary food, he enjoyed it to the extent that he asked to eat the whole flower alone and finished it.

The Prophet of God declared that whatever he came for, God has granted him. After partaking from above, to show that he ate what not ordinary but from Christ he was given time to demonstrate the power of God by stretching his hands to some congregants and the power of God moved greatly as some fell down and when he passed near the congregants some also fell under the power of the all mighty God.

See photos below:


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