My song stands out because of the ‘Ekiti rythm’ – Morayo

America based singer and songwriter, Morayo in a chat with Yomi earlier today on WakeUpNigeria, revealed why she brings the “Ekiti Feel” into her music.

She emphasized that it’s in a bid to be different.

“I tell people all the time that America is so bi-congested with talents, so you have to figure out what makes you stand out. I came to understand that the Ekiti stuff I bring into my music makes it stand out. It’s not about the musical techniques, it has a lot to do with something different. My mum raised us to like Ekiti music so I bring it into my music.”

Talking about her working with Cobhams and other international producers, she said,

“It an honour to have people of such caliber. The older I get, the more I get to know that I’m more fortunate.

She then added that she gets music inspiration at night.

“The sitting up at night is true, it’s not because I am super hardworking but other artistes will agree with me that sitting up at night is inspirational. There is something about 2am-3am that is inspirational too. For me, inspiration and good songs come when everyone goes to sleep around that time. “

According to her, she believes her music is all about vulnerability.

“I don’t know how to present my music without being vulnerable. Me being aware that I am being vulnerable with the people I share the music with.”

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