People should stop accepting unnecessary apologies – Alawode Jumoke

Many people find it difficult to apologise for their wrong deed especially when they hold a higher position than the person who is offended. This led to the topic discussed this morning on YourViewTVC by the ladies,’The act of begging after offending’.

Jumoke while making her point known, addressed the issue from a cultural perspective. She said;
“We have the culture of agbalagba (elder) not apologizing to omo-kekere (small child). So when they get political power, they handle those who brought the to power shabbily . The work they are suppose to do as a public servant, they do not do it, and when they are being questioned by anyone, they jail them. For example the governor of Imo state who build statues all over the state and was owing salaries, when people came out on social media to criticize him, he told them he did not owe them any apology. Imagine!”
To Jumoke, She finds it difficult to apologize when there is need for it.
“I find it difficult to apologize if I think i have done nothing wrong. Instead i usually defend myself. I offended Nyma one day, and YK corrected me to apologize, so i’m learning that. Because it’s not just about you but how the person have reacted to you. There are people who because they are older than you or above you, feel they have not offended you, so they won’t apologize and they get away with it because our culture supports it. I think it is very wrong.”
She added that people leave things to God in Nigeria because justice is not available for everyone. Adding that everyone should stop accepting unnecessary apologies.
“As far as people keep on accepting unnecessary apologies, some people will not do what they suppose to do”
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