How to manage Diabetes by DR. Tokunbo Babajide

Diabetes is one of the most dreaded diseases in Nigeria. As common as it is, it can be managed, DR. Tokunbo Babajide gave tips on how to manage this disease earlier today on YourViewTVC.

According to her,
“Diabetes is a chronic disease that affects the way the body uses energy, essentially it has to do with sugar. It is also a condition in which you have glucose in the body that is not being taken up because there is no insulin or there is insulin that is not being used by the body.”
She then highlighted the 3 types of diabetes as follow:
 Insulin dependent diabetes- occurs in childhood and depends on insulin in children.
 Non insulin dependent diabetes- occurs in adult and most times requires medication.
 Gestational diabetes- has to do with pregnant women.
Talking about people that have genetic tendecies to having diabetes, she recommended a healthy eating therapy for them.
“When you have family members that are diabetic, it increases the risk factor for you. So, you need to watch what you eat. You also need to ensure that you take meals low in calories and fats, high in grains and take a lot of vegetables and fruits. For instance, wheat bread, brown rice, ofada rice, basmati, etc”
She also advised anyone diagnosed of diabetes to always go for check-up to avoid complications.
“When you are diagnosed of diabetes, it is important for you to get regular check up because of the implications. When you have diabetes, you have the tendency of always getting hungry, urinating a lot, having kidney problem and stroke/heart diseases. Diabetes can be managed through medication and insulin.”
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