Try out this recipe for preparing ‘Nigerian Fish Roll’

It’s really nice to try having a common snack for breakfast once in a while and Nigerian Fish Roll is surely a good choice to make. Chef Tolu took us through the simple recipe for preparing ‘Nigeria fish roll’ this morning on WakeUpNigeria, which you would love to try.

The basic ingredients are:
Fish(major ingredient), flour, baking powder, margarine, raw egg, salt and vegetable oil.
To make the snack, you firstly need to make the dough.
To make the dough,
– Pour all dry ingredients in a bowl, such as flour,baking powder and salt.
– Add the margarine and mix till it looks like bread crumbs
– Then put in the beat egg(s) and mix very well.
– keep adding water measured with tablespoon till the it marries together and forms the desired dough.
– Stretch it out with a rolling pin.
– Fill in the fish and roll to give the shape.
– Add small water to seal it up and close the two sides up.
– Deep fry for 10-15 minutes till it gets golden brown.
Note: when frying, you have to be patient.
– Serve and enjoy.
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