62-year-old Muni King explains ‘finding love at an old age’

It has been a stereotyped belief that women who are old don’t need love, instead they should focus on their children. Culturally, Africans would think it’s irresponsible for an old woman, probably a widow or a divorced woman to try finding love. In an objection to this,

 A 62 years old bride to be, Muni King shared her personal experience with the ladies of YourViewTVC this morning. She began,
“I was divorced in 1993 and I had a young family then, so I focused on bringing up my family. I didn’t really put any thought of getting together with anyone in the back bone. It got to the stage when the children grew and living their own lives. But I was on Facebook last year, and there was this chat on an history forum where we were both commenting on the same posts and things just grew from there. Early this year I went to a church program and we were asked to make a request, normally my request should be on the children, but on this occasion I wrote, ‘I will love to have somebody to be my own’. If it was earlier, my boys would not have allowed it but they’ve got their own families and they now know the need for companionship. I wasn’t looking for love but it came because it was a petition I had put to God.”
She later on emphasized that relationship is more of companionship.
“In my opinion, it’s all about companionship, mutual respect, loving the other person, finding fulfillment, making the other person’s life meaningful. Bringing somebody else into your space, there is a lot of empathy involved. Relationship is not easy, especially when you’ve been alone or on your own for many years.”
She finally advised other women who are going through what she went through to have faith and hope.
“You have to have faith, you have to have hope. You can’t let everything go and say my life is finished. You need to know you are worthy of love, respect and honour.”
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