How to cope with your expectations as a first time mum- Paulina Rumm

On many occasions, a pregnant woman who is going to be a first time mum has a lot of curiosities and anxieties flooding her mind, about what to expect at child birth and how to deal with these expectations.

Earlier today, Pauline Rumm was on WakeUpNigeria to talk about the expectations of a first time mum and how to cope with these expectations.
Firstly, she emphasized that as an expectant mother, you have to be calm and take control/charge of everything.
“Firstly, calm down and take control of everything. Take charge by empowering yourself through getting knowledge. Read books and articles, ask questions and so on. An issue we have in this generation is that we do not have a reading culture, this culture will be built with our children.”
She then explained how the body has to change and how you should not beat yourself up when it’s not going as planned.
“The journey is different for most people, but there are similarities. One of the similarities is the change of body, Your body would change, you carried the child for nine months. Most times you don’t like the change, your body will change back if you do the right things.
On giving birth, the first thing you are asked to do is to put the baby to suckle. This might be stressful, that’s why you have to choose your care giver which means you choose your doctors, nurses who would help you at that stage. Just put the baby there to suckle, but if you can’t do it don’t beat yourself up, just try other options. It’s a good thing to breast feed your child exclusively for 6 months, it’s good for both Mother and child. But, if you cannot do it, go for alternatives and don’t beat yourself up. Also, try to understand your child, understand why they cry and why they do what they do. This will give you less stress.”
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