Try this recipe for preparing ‘rice pudding and plantain akara’

You can treat yourself to an awesome breakfast by trying this recipe for preparing ‘rice pudding and plantain akara‘.

Chef Tolu prepared this meal on #WakeUpNigeria, prescribing the necessary ingredients and process.
Ingredients needed are:
– White long grain rice
– Kosher salt
– Water
– White sugar
– Cinnamon
– Salt
– Pepper
– Vanilla extract
– Egg yolk
– Cold butter
– Dried cherries
– Chopped plantain flour
– Chicken cube
– Oil
– Milk
The recipe includes:
To make the rice pudding,
– Boil the rice, adding the milk, sugar, cinnamon, a pinch of salt and oil. Leave on low heat to cook till its extremely soft and thickens up, looking like oats
Note: You could mash it with an iron spoon to get desired result.
– After the cooking process, take the rice off heat and add the butter, egg yolk, dry fruits and straw berry flavour. Mix well
To make the plantain akara,
– Mix the plantain flour, onions, pepper, seasoning cube, salt, beated eggs and water together.
– Fry in sizable portions.
– Serve your ‘rice pudding and plantain akara’ and enjoy.
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