Vera Ephraim talks about her passion for dance

Vera Nkechi Anenyeonu, a Nigerian actress and choreographer popularly known as Vera Ephraim, spoke about her passion for dance earlier today on WakeUpNigeria.

While speaking with Yomi Owope and Titi Oyinsan, she explained that she started dancing from when she was a kid and her mother allowed her explore her love for dance before she passed. She did not leave out how she was sent out of the house by her siblings for not getting a job outside dancing.
“I started dancing from childhood and my Mother allowed to explore my talents. I got so happy when I danced. My Mother died when I was 9 years and shortly into being a teenager, my dad died. It’s been tough trying to find my way in life and all of that, but I never let those things get me. I always loved dancing, I’m drawn to happy things. At a point, my siblings wanted me to get a job outside dancing, I couldn’t so I was kicked out of the house. I had to live with people around, trying to focus. The pressure made me focus, the passion kept me going. My dancing took me travelling more while my acting was another way to express myself. I also do some sports and play some African percussion including drums.”
She then gave some advise to youths who are trying to find their ways to the top. She said:
“The first thing is God, start with God. Then educate yourself, read well and be informed. Don’t do it because people do it, don’t stop because people say it won’t work. Let your passion drive you.”
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