Video: Actress Regina Daniels arrests fake movie producer and his crew impersonating her

Following reports of her alleged involvement in a blackmail scandal of leaking her best friend’s nude photos online, teen star, Regina Daniels has taken steps to arrest the fake movie producer impersonating her. 

A young girl had earlier accused the actress of defrauding her, threatening to upload her nudes online.

Regina Daniel commenting on the arrest said:


“1st of all, THANK YOU LORD for vindicating me. I also want to say a big thank you to all my fans who stood by me. . . Back to the issue at hand …the said producer has been caught with his accomplice. He was tracked by one of his victims who came to my location because she was also duped. In his laptop we found a lot of nude pictures of different girls I believe are his victims as well. We also found 5 registered SIM cards of which 4 are for nollywood actors and a book where he wrote the names of the people that registered with him. His victims are 73 in number and they paid 25k each. 2 of his victims were found in his house when he was caught at 5am this morning. meanwhile, Aunty Amanda (self acclaimed blogger) you are needed at the police station. Pls gently cat walk to the A Division in asaba to prove your accusations. I will leave this here for now. . . #HE WHO FIGHTS ME, FIGHTS GOD.”

Watch video below:

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