Easy recipe for ‘chicken cordon bleu’ on #WakeUpNigeria

Cordon bleu’ is a light healthy meal of meat wrapped around cheese, then pan-fried or deep fried. This healthy meal was prepared by Chef temmy in company of Lady O Mary this morning on #WakeUpNigeria. The salad to accompany it is a simple salad of just the combination of lettuce, cherry tomatoes and vinaigrette.

–  Chicken breast
–  Egg
–  Bread crumbs
–  Salt
–  Black pepper
–  Garlic
–  Cheese
–  Smoked ham
*split chicken breast into two but do not cut it through so it will give a butterfly shape
*tenderize chicken breast properly
*season tenderized chicken breast with salt, black pepper and garlic
*place smoked ham on the seasoned chicken breast
*cut cheese into tiny pieces
*place cheese on the chicken breast too
*roll it out
*seal it up with cling film
*let it stay for a while
*put it in the oven for 15-20 minutes
*bring it out of the cling film
*use toothpick to hold the chicken so it doesn’t split into two
*beat eggs and put the chicken into egg wash
*roll chicken very well in bread crumbs
*put it in an oiled casserole dish
*put it in the oven 170 for 20 minutes
Note: Make sure the toothpick side is facing down in the casserole dish
For the Salad
Romanian Lettuce, cherry tomatoes and vinaigrette which entails apples cider vinegar, olive oil, salt, black pepper, little ginger, a little sugar to reduce acid in the vinegar.
*cut cherry into quarters
*rinse lettuce, let it dry up for a while and cut with your hands into small sizes
*add all together in a bowl,
*put it sitting pretty on your plate and put your sliced condo bleu on it.
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