People are bound to engage in criminality if they have no sources of livelihood – Femi Falana

With the different challenges facing Nigeria right now, there are quite a few issues that choose to remain permanently contentious. The renowned  Nigeria Lawyer and Human Right Activist, Femi Falana, addressed diverse issues and controversies going on in Nigeria.
Speaking on #YourViewTVC, Femi Falana discussed diverse issues and controversies going on in the country, but most importantly, he addressed the state of corruption in the country. He said;
“In addressing corruption you have to look at the policy that have been put in place by the government and the type of social economic system that the country operate, the country is not addressing the effect of corruption but simply choosing the symptoms which is not a good techniques for fighting corruption.”
He also explained further that;
“If you are going to fight corruption you have to examine the  nature of the economy, are the government creating jobs for the young people? Are those in employment being paid? all these are salient questions that needs answers when fighting corruption”, the devil finds work for the idle hand, people are bound to engage in criminality if they have no sources of livelihood”.
“Moreover in the section 15 of Nigerian constitution, it says the government shall abolish corruption and abuse of office, it also says that the economy of Nigeria shall be managed by the government in a way that the happiness of her people will be promoted, that security and welfare of the people shall be the primary purpose of government. It is however obvious that the government has abandoned the welfare and security of the country”.
According to Femi Falana, in order to achieve the Nigeria of our dream, Nigerians should be involved in the affairs of the country, politics should not be restricted to professional politicians alone, every one should participate, relevant questions, discussions and debate concerning the affairs of the state should always be welcomed;
“The media must help, the media should not allow politicians to once again divert the attention of the people from the problems of under-development, poverty and so on”.
 Femi Falana also addressed the issues surrounding the police force and the special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS). He traced the problems of the police force and SARS to the time of colonial rule, he said;
“The Nigeria police force is a force and not a service, the Nigerian police force was set up in the colonial era to deal with the people, extort them, collect taxes from them that is usually taken to the united kingdom for the development of united kingdom. When Nigeria police force took over in 1960 the instrumentality of violence and oppression remained intact so nothing changed, this also applies to other forces we have in Nigeria including SARS”.
In his conclusion Femi Falana confidently assured the ladies of #YourViewTVC that there are moves being intensified by a new progressive force to contest for the soul of the country.
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