NTA , FRCN, NOA and VON to be sold off to staffs – #YourViewTVC Hot topic

Nigeria senate has expressed concerns over bogus annual budget, stressing that some government agencies have outgrown their usefulness and no longer makes sense. Senator Ben Murray Bruce brought up an idea that the Voice of Nigeria (VON), National Orientation Agency (NOA), Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria (FRCN), and Nigeria Television Authority (NTA) should be sold off to staffs of those agencies, so they could be properly managed.

The ladies of #YourViewTVC debated this on the show.
Esther made it known she’s not in support of the idea, she expressed her disappointment in the initiator of the idea, in person of Senator Ben Murray Bruce, who served as Director General of Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) from 1999 to 2003, she said;
why would he look into this direction, he owns a television station, cinemas and Radio station, he understands how these agencies should have been operated in the first place and he knows the essence and pivotal role the media play in Nigeria, why can’t he suggest a better way of running these agencies? I am disappointed in him!.”
In Jumoke’s opinion, she feels the agencies would be well managed if sold to staffs, she stated;
Senator Ben was Director General of Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) for some time, he understands that running these agencies as government parastatals will not work, it is better to sell it to the people working there, who are the ones creating the problems because they have no stake in it, when it becomes their own private business, they will make it work.”
Yeni Kuti added her own opinion, she said;
“Ben Bruce was the Director General of Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) for years and couldn’t do anything to help the situation of the stations.”
Morayo supported the idea of selling the stations, saying the government doesn’t have enough fund to refurbish the stations now.
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