A dynamic way to make your ‘fried rice and salad’ this season on #WakeUpNigeria

This morning on #WakeUpNigeria, Chef Tosin in company of Emem took us through a special and unique way of preparing ‘fried rice and salad’ this festive season, if you’ve ever thought of a dynamic way of making your fried rice for any occasion or celebration, check recipe below;

–  rice
–  carrot
–  green pepper
–  onions
–  salt
–  springs onions
–  vegetable oil
–  chicken stock
–  chicken
–  seasoning
–  green peas
–  sausage
–  garlic
–  turmeric
* per-boil rice with chicken stock and a little bit of turmeric
* boil chicken separately
* pour per-boiled rice into a sieve
* put a fresh pot on fire and add vegetable oil
* fry onions a bit
* add already chopped garlic, carrot, green pepper and sausage then stir a bit
* put green peas, seasoning and a bit of salt and fry for awhile
* add rice little at a time and stir with the already fried ingredients
* add the spring onions afterwards to avoid it from getting too soft
* serve your meal and enjoy.
For your salad all you need is cabbage, lettuce, tomatoes and a bit of carrot.
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